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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Chicken & Sweet Potato Canned Dog Formula Testimonials

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Happy Tummy

Here's a picture of my best buddy, road dog and household security. His name is Butler he loves Natural Balance.

Terry J

Success story on the LID formula

Below is a picture of my dog Carlee. Carlee is a Shiba Inu mix that we found on the side of the road 5 years ago. She has always had problems with her nose. It was dry, swollen, bloody and had drainage. We had been to our vet and tried different oral medications and creams for her nose. Nothing was working. Carlee's nose was irritated and painful. Our vet suggested that if her nose didn't improve we should consider a biopsy. My uncle has used the LID formula for his standard poodle that has allergies. Before putting Carlee through surgery I decided I would change her dog food to see if it helped her nose. Within a month I saw drastic improvement. Below are before ( 2 left) and after (2 right) pictures of Carlee's nose after we switched her to the LID formula. I am so happy that she is feeling so much better and her nose looks better on this formula. I never thought food could make such a difference. Thank you!!!


New Pup, New food

My 5 month old pup loves, loves, loves his new food. I recently switched him over to Natural Balance. When he was on the previous food, he didn't eat all his food ever! Most of the time he skipped at least 1-2 of his meals that I feed him 3x a day. Now eating Natural Balance, he looks forward to every serving and nearly licks the bowl. I'm happy to see our pup eat and I think he's even more happier with his new food. I really like the quality of the food and the smell, you can almost smell every ingredient in the wet food. Thanks, Natural Balance, you're the best!

Veronica M

My golden retriever had continuous ear infections. I started using Natural Balance and he has been free of ear infections. I also have a terrier mix who has allergy issues which kept her itching and considerable hair loss. She now has a full thick coat. Thank you for such a wonderful product. We've used the Venison & Sweet Potato and the Chicken & Sweet Potato. They love both.

Patricia C

Wet/Dry Mixed - Sensitive Stomach Issues

Our 5 month old Cavalier is a picky eater with a sensitive stomach. He had diarrhea and loose stools since adoption, even on prescription food. We did a complete switch to the Natural Balance L.I.D. line. I was expecting a few days upset tummy and runs from the instant transition, but to my surprise, his first movement was firm. We mix Sweet Potato & Fish dry food with canned Chicken & Sweet Potato for breakfast and canned Venison & Sweet Potato for dinner. These guidelines, not offered by other companies, are so clear on how to do a mixed wet/dry diet. I also like that he is able to get his proteins from mixed sources. Best of all, our dog loves it. He never used to "ask" to be fed, but now when it is time to eat, he will sit by his dish and lick his lips.

David a

Best Dog Food

Hi Mr. Van Patten, I have two rescued cocker spaniels, one being just a year old and the other being 3 years old. Both Roy (the one year old) and Katie (the 3 year old) has both suffered from skin allergies and watery stool. Naturally, I want the very best for my rescued family, I went to Petco where I met a Natural Balance rep. I explained to him my situation and he recommended your food, which I bought. Within the week the watery stool was completley gone and their skin itching was down to a minimum. Both Katie and Roy have wonderful skin, coat texture is soft, eyes bright and overall temperament is joyful, happy and alert. Thank you for formulating such a fantastic nutrition for my family and a balanced diet that anyone can trust. I have told all my friends and family about your product and can happily say that all have their extended families on your wonderful product. Thank you so very much for your love and compassion for all animals.

Sam B

An old wish from a couple of "old dogs"! Our rescues Brody & Rosie (& Peanut, Emma, Bigboy, and Baby). They all love your food, and their parents notice an improvement in their fur since long ago switching to Natural Balance. We tell everyone about you. Thanks again, and have a happy!

Patti&Jim C
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