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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Canned Dog Formula Testimonials

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Natural Balance LID formulas

First let me say I don't usually do testimonials but I just had to this time.Our Toy Schnauzer picked up Giardia the beginning of Spring and we have had trouble for 5 months with the poops.She Had been on Natural Balance Ultra for her first year and did great on it,but after the Giardia she got terrible poops.We were back in forth to the vets for 5 months.I finally did research of my own and found that I needed to change her protien source and a specialist I took her to agreed. I had changed her to Merrick foods and things just got worse. I scolded myself for listening to people and wish i had staid with the Natural Balance line of foods:( I took all the Merrick away and started our pup on Natural Balance LID Sweet Potato & Fish.I have to say it cleared everything up in 2 days!!!!!!! After 5 months of misery and for nothing if only I had staid with Natural Balance. I am getting this in both canned and dry,and sticking with it now forever!!! I also purchased the Canned Sweet Potato & Venison to try,alternating once in a while so she won't get to used to just one type of protein source. My pup will be on Natural Balance LID for life and I will never stray again!!! Also getting the LID treats for her:) Thank you Natural Balance!!!

Patricia B

I adopted a 4 yr. old Havanese/Shih Tzu mix in December of 2013. He started vomiting almost immediately after I got him. I spent a fortune on vet bills. He has reflux and is on meds for that. In February 2014 the Vet put him on ID. I knew it was not good for him. After 3 months I weaned him off it and on to your limited diet sweet potato and fish. Within 4 days of being off ID and on your diet he stopped vomiting. He still burps, but i can live with that!! Thank you for making a healthful, made in the USA dog food! I feel very comfortable feeding it to him.

Marsha P

This product saved my dog

4 years ago I rescued a little bundle of joy who I named Ella Mae. She was perfect, and exactly who I had been looking for. She was scruffy, playful, loving, and I adored her instantly. When she was about 6 months Ella developed horrible allergies, and over the span of two years ranked up thousands of dollars worth of vet bills. It was draining and sad. I felt useless. She would scratch open her itchy skin to the point where she was bald and bleeding in several spots all over her body, and no one had answers. And nothing could refrain her. The doctors were stumped, and unless I handed over more money they were useless. After changing her food dozens of times, I found Natural Balance. She has been on the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Fish & Sweet Potato for nearly two years now, one scoop twice a day. Last week we had our first vet appointment in over a year. the doctor told me all signs of allergies were gone, and she was one of the healthiest dogs she had seen in ages! This was the very first time i had ever heard that about my dog, and to say I was thrilled would be an understatement. While there were many other aspects i used to defeat her allergies, I believe the ingredients in Natural Balance dog food have a lot of contribute. I wouldn't take her off this diet for anything. While its more expensive than other foods it's worth every penny. Another thing the vet commented on was Ella's sparkling teeth, which I'm sure has a lot to do with her diet as well! If you have a dog with skin allergies this brand of dog food is worth the shot. I think my Ella is going to be healthy for the rest of her life, and I have Natural Balance to thank.

Allison G

Nitro - Shih Tzu

I wanted to share with you,our old man is 11 years old. He developed a food allergy a few years ago. Have tried alot of different foods over the past years. It had really got worse this last year. We moved him for the vet diet to Natural Balance and he is doing very well. He can only eat the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Fish & Sweet Potato. He loves it, lucky for us. :) He loves the can, dry and expecially the treats. I am getting a new puppy this month and plan to start her Natural Balance, too. Thank you or your great product!!

Cindy G

Absolutely The Best!

We have 3 dogs, a Siberian Husky (2yrs), German Shepherd (7mos.), and a Chi/Pug mid (2yrs). We have tried numerous dog food brands from the cheap to the extremely expensive and nothing worked for all 3 dogs. Either it was tolerated by the Chi/Pug and Husky and not the Shepherd or by only one of our dogs. The other brands caused our dogs to have diarrhea (even in the house). Then we switched to Natural Balance L.I.D. Fish & Sweet Potato and were so thrilled when all 3 of our dogs loved it....and so did our carpets. Thank you so much for making such a great product!!

Kari R

I am so thankful we found your fish and sweet potato dog canned food. My 9-yr old wire fox terrier is a new dog after several weeks on your product. It has given her so much new energy and she once again rips around the yard chasing her 75 pound black Lab "sister" Mabel. I will feed your dog food to Flossie until the day she leaves the earth.

Kay D

I am writing to thank you for making such an amazing product!  I have had to narrow what my dog, Sydney, can eat due to hypersensitivity to many ingredients.  Your LID formulas give me further options to try in the future.  She currently eats the Fish & Sweet Potato, but should any issues develop in the future, it is comforting to know that I can try the Duck & Potato, Bison & Sweet Potato formulas. She is sensitive to Chicken, Rice, Lamb and most grains. I am a registered Veterinary Technician and am very thorough when it comes to her food.

Danielle M
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