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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Bison & Sweet Potato Canned Dog Formula Testimonials

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Best Dog Food Ever and Great Price

My 1 year old boston terrier started to develop extreme bloating and upset stomach along with skin allergies. I switched to Natural Balance and all of our worries went out the door. Aside from saving hundreds of dollars on allergy tests, my pup has done really well with this food. Almost no more gas and his coat and skin are super healthy. I get comments all the time on how soft, shiny and lean he is. Thanks!

Julia S

Best Food!!

I have a 10 month old Boxer who, since we got him at 8 weeks old, has been dealing with loose stools. We've tried everything! Fecal exams, blood work, medication, changing his food and nothing helped. After doing some research, I saw the great reviews about this food for dogs with the same issue, so I gave it a try. Two days on Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Bison & Sweet Potato and his stools are completely normal!! You can tell he feels much better and is a rambunctious pup. I really recommend this food, well worth it!

Victoria M

Bison & Sweet Potato canned dog food.

Well I was so happy to find this L.I.D. Bison & Sweet Potato. My boxer has allergies to most of the dog foods and I have fed this to him for a year now. He has been doing so great I had even started feeding my other two dogs. All of them look great.

Pamela R

My dog Sprout was constantly scratching and chewing his paws. I was told he had allergies and was given special shampoos and told to try Benedryl daily especially during certain times of the year. My last vet visit i had a new vet who suggested your food. I got it that day and that night he didn't scratch or chew his paws!!!! To test it the next night i went back to the old food and within an hour he was scratching and chewing!!! Thank god for your high quality food which he loves. Great job guys and thank you for your efforts to adopt Katrina dogs. I'm from New Orleans.

Carole D

In a time where people are quick to complain and slow to compliment, I would like to take a moment to do the latter. I am so truely happy to have found your food! I have been looking for such a long time to find a food that would both satisfy my three dogs and be good for them, I was afraid I would never find it. I have tried so many bands. FInally! A food for my finicky dogs. Who ever heard of a finisky masiff? I must have the only one. Now they have something to wag their tails about (and they do!) when its time to prepare their dinner. SO thank you! I can't beleive you have been around for years and I am NOW just finding out. But I am so glad I did. And Sargeant, Hunter, and Dozer are thankful too.

Tiffany D
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