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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Venison & Sweet Potato Canned Dog Formula Testimonials

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I think this photo speaks for itself....

My dog (lab) Harper clearly LOVES her natural balance venison and sweet potato kibble!!!!


Satisfied Stella

As the proud owner of a nine month old American bull dog I made the mistake of switching Stella to other brands much praised as being complete and nutritious. I soon switched back to sweet potato and venison. Her stools are better and not loose, her coat shiny and the amount of flatulence tolerable. Thank you again.

Margaret J

My new 3 month old Wheaten Terrier puppy seemed to have a sensitive stomach within a week of switching to NBC LIt formula her stool was solid and she gobbled it up she especially loves the venison and sweet potato! Thanks for putting out this awesome product!

Kelly B


This is the only food my dog, Timmy, is not allergic to. If it wasn't for L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Venison & Sweet Potato, my dog Timmy would have to be put down he is now the most healthy he has ever been in 5 years and he's only 6, mind you his breed can live up to 15 years or longer (shih-tzu). Thank you so much for helping me keep my fur baby and making him healthy again. I wouldn't know what to do without him.

Alexis R

My pug puppy was having so many gastrointestinal symptoms and allergy symptoms such as rash and itching in ears, etc. We tried almost everything, even giving Kaopectate for loose stools and vomiting and Flagyl from the vet. We even tried canned food by Science Diet for gastro problems (prescribed by vet), and Benadryl and many other things. We took all the treats away, then I decided to try a dog food that was grain free. I purchased Natural Balance L.I.D. Venison and Sweet Potato. Within a few days there was a very noticable difference, the itching stopped and no more loose stools and no more vomiting. She also is eating much less food because her system is utilizing all the quality ingredients minus the fillers. Thank you so much for making this product. I will continue using it as long as it is available!

Karen G

I would like to share a story with you. I am sure you receive hundreds just like it, but, bad things always get stated. Good things, not nearly enough. After loosing almost all of my pets to the tainted pet food, I went looking for a special needs, senior(my own disabilities do not allow me to lift anything heavier;), under 10 lbs, little dog. It took 7 months to finally get one. She was almost dead from parasites. So thin and so ill. She would not eat or drink. Long story short, she was a product of a puppy mill and human abuse. OK, got her healthy, but, never found anything she could really tolerate as far as food went. For two years it was a huge struggle. Nothing I purchased or even cooked for her was really agreeing with her. She would break into bouts of Pancreatitis. I carried her antibiotics with me as I never knew when an attack would occur. Two years ago June, I moved to Atlanta GA from NY. During Christmas, my little one went into a full blown pancreas attack. I thought it would kill her. I took her right into the emergency vet. He told me that little ones like her needed to be fed the best dog food sold. Also, that because of her poor breeding, she genetically could not produce the enzymes she needed to digest as she should. Her history with me was one of constant upset tummies, throwing up, just so sad. He told me a new pet food and supply store had opened up across the way. He said to go there and buy the best food I could find, which he felt, was Natural Balance. As my pup is allergic to beef, chicken, duck, and almost all grains, he said your product came in Bison and Venison. I thanked him, and off we went to find the store. Long story shortened, I purchased my first cans of Venison and Sweet Potato, and the rest is history.;) Except for one time, when they ran out of Venison and Sweet Potato, and could not get it in, she has been the picture of health. As long as she eats Natural Balance Venison and Sweet Potato, she is perfect. When they were out, I tried, I think Wellness? was the only other venison food product there, that was high end. She had to eat something. Well, one meal of it and she went into an attack. What I am trying to say, is I am one of your products biggest fans. I tell everyone who asks me what I feed her, the above story. She is living proof of what QUALITY pet food can do. I have attached two photos for you. One is taken two weeks after I got her. (She looks awful I know. But, you should have seen her before). Please do not be upset by her crippled leg. It was not treated correctly for the injury. Truth be, she was not treated at all. It stems from the abuse of her former owners, who purchased her as a fashion accessory. Her other front leg is all steel plate and screws. Same issue. That is why no one wanted her. Oh, yes, she is not a senior. She had just turned two when I adopted her from the rescue. This is what your food can do. My little one is alive and thriving because of your outstanding product. I have never written a letter like this before. I hope it is OK. I just think your company deserves to know, even though she is just a dot in the hundreds of animals who eat your products, she is alive because of your extremely high quality products. From one extremely grateful dog owner, Thank You for caring to produce such a good and SAFE pet food! Best Always.

Eve P

I began using your Venison & Sweet Potato formula for my shepard mix adult dog, who had been diagnosed with allergies - horrible hair loss, constant itching and overall unhappy dog! We tried everying - testing and allergy shots were not even working. We were using what was supposed to be an "allergy" food but no improvements until we found your product. My beautiful Zoe has been allergy free for almost three years, no more itching or hot spots, just a beautiful, healthy white coat and a very happy dog! I'm so happy to have found your products. We use the dry and canned formulas, and recommend them highly to all ... thank you!

Lorraine M

I just wanted to thank you for your Venison and Sweet Potato formula Dog food, both dry and wet. Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Daisy, has sever allergies and this is the only food that she can and does handle. Luckily for us, she doesn't seem to mind it day after day. Our vet says that in the next month we can try her on the Duck and Sweet Potato formula to see if she can tolerate it. It would be a nice addition for her if she can. I just wanted to say thanks for your formulas that have made our pup's be able to live.

Merry R

My 2 year old large breed rescue dog was recently diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). While this is a serious condition that our poor dog will live with forever, we have found your Limited Ingredient Sweet Potato and Venison to be the ONLY commercial food available that his sensitive stomach can digest properly. He's finally gaining weight and thriving on this formula!

Caleb P

Our dog "Thor" suffered from a bad irritation in his belly region. While at our trainers she took a look and recommended we switch his dog food from the one the vet recommended to Natural Balance. Within a week the irritation started to dissipated. After the second week it was gone. Your food is amazing, it's full of all the right ingredients and has great nutritional value. Thank you so much. Andy Zimmer

Andy Z
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