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Vegetarian Canned Dog Formula Testimonials

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I have a french bulldog mix named Walter. He's just a little over a year old now and the Veterinarian had labeled him a special needs dog due to his sensitive stomach issues. I tried a multitude of different dog foods including the prescription diet and none of them seemed to agree with him. When I transitioned him to your Vegetarian Canned Formula, it was an instant success. Not only does he love eating it but he's leading a happier lifestyle. Please don't stop making this product. Thank you again and I highly recommend it.

Schuyler K

Thank you

My dog has been a vegan for over three years now and I have been buying your Vegetarian kibble that whole time. Recently, I discovered that you also have canned Vegetarian dog food, so I started buying it as well. I ended up trying several different kinds of vegan canned dog foods, but my pup seems to like yours the best! I also like yours the best because you don't have a pull tab on the top of the can. Thank you so much for that! The pull tabs make it impossible to get all of the food out of the can and typically cut my hands. Your food just slides out of the can, easily, and that is honestly a huge reason why I choose to buy your canned vegan formula over others. :)

Kayla C

Thank You.

My terrier, Chloe, began having digestive problems and stopped eating her regular meat meals. I changed her to your Canned Vegetarian Product and she instantly liked it. After a few days, her digestive problems were gone and her normal eating returned only with more robust action. I plan to keep her on her vegetarian diet. Thank you. Kathy M.

kathleen m

Perfect for Dogs that Can't Tolerate Soy

Thank you for making ONLY canned vegetarian dog food on the market that does not contain soy! My dog has severe food allergies to both meat and soy, so this is the only canned dog food that I can feed her. She loves this food and even does a little "dance" when I'm scooping it into her bowls. Please don't stop making this food!

Netty P

Vegetarian Dry & Wet formulas

I have 3 rescued shar pei's. They just love the vegetarian wet formula. I add the wet vegetarian formula to the dry vegetarian. They love the taste and are in lovely condition. Thanks for making this great product. I've never seen another canned vegetarian formula and we just love this! Thanks

Colleen N

I have been a French Bulldog fan and owner for 8 years. In the last 3 years I have fostered 2 from rescue to adoption. In January 2011 I purchased a special needs French Bulldog named Presley. I had no intention of buying or owning another French Bulldog but Presley was beautiful. Presley had been hospitalized with multiple digestive issues and his previous owner could no longer afford his Veterinary care. He was going to die or be put down I had to save him and that was that. After 3 days in the hospital Presley was released but required constant care. For 4 weeks I administered twice daily IV nutrition to him along with a canned vegetarian prescription diet. Starting with a single tablespoon of food along with his IV nutrition Presley, myself and his vets worked for months to get him to be able to digest a single meal properly. After 10 months of continuing with the strictest of diet and exercise Presley was given the ok to transfer from his Veterinary Prescription food to a new over the counter vegetarian food. After careful consideration I choose your Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula. Over the last few weeks Presley has been gradually transferring from his prescription diet to your formula with fantastic progress. I hope to have him off his prescription diet next week for good! Today Presley is a gorgeous well proportioned 4 year old male that weighs 28.2 lbs a whopping 4.7 lbs more than when I received him. He is a true survivor and his companionship is priceless! Along with Presley, I own 2 additional French Bulldogs which are currently showing in AKC Conformation competition with fantastic success and should both obtain their championships this year. My reason for contacting you today is to say thank you very much for making the Vegetarian Formula.  This is an incredibly important diet formula many dogs with sensitivities and digestion issues need to have available and owners like myself cannot do without it.

Bill R
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