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Original Ultra® Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Stopped the Seizures

My dog was aprox 10 years old when she started having seizures. I had her on a well known dog food that has several commercials (high quality) so I thought. Within 6 months on the previous dog food she started having them. Her blood work was good, the vet thought she may of had a brain tumor and wanted me to medicate her. Thank God I didn't, I told him I wanted to try a couple more things before we did that. This is one of the things I did try was Natural Balance and I took her off her flea med and heart worm pills that she had been taking. Within 1 month her seizures stopped. She also has had higher liver and kidney ranges expected for her age. I have had her teeth cleaned and give her filtered water along with this dog food and her numbers keep getting better with each visit. I highly recommend this dog food. She is now 17 years old.

Chris M

Handsome dog

When I got my dog the people we got him from were feeding him Pedigree Large Breed. He had flaky skin and they told me to used a oatmeal shampoo for it, and he was eating his poo. I switched him to the Original Ultra Premium Dry Dog Food and within three weeks there was a difference. Now his coat is shiny and flake free and he hasn't eaten any poo since. Thanks for your great food.

Merissa M

The ' GIRLS "

Meet the " Girls" as they have become known in our town. I have 2 English Springer Spaniels that are the love of our lives. Before they came into our lives we always had Labs. The last one developed serious skin allergies from wheat and grains. It was awful. I finally switched to a grain free diet when I discovered Natural Balance Original Ultra. I couldn't believe just days we could see a drastic improvement. He wasn't scratching until he was bloody. His skin improved, his fur improved and he was once again feeling like he used to. After he passed from old age I vowed that from now on any dogs we owned would always be fed Natural Balance and I would stay far away from wheat etc..when we adopted both our girls from Springer Rescue of America they were a mess.Their fur was dull, their skin was in bad shape. I immediately got them on Natural Balance Original Ultra and the rest is history as they say.Our girls are amazing. Their fur shines and is so soft and silky. Their eye's are bright and they never stop wagging or wiggling they are so happy. I also am a foster for the Springer Spaniel of America and I always feed my fosters NB. I send home a small bag when they leave for their forever homes as well. Well enough bragging about your product as it speaks for I would like you to meet my Girls Duchess & Bella.

Jill H

We have been very pleased with your Original Ultra dry dog food. We have a 14 year old Sheltie who has increased renal labs.  She had stopped eating her renal dog food completely and any other dog food we tried. We gave in and gave her table food, knowing it was not good for her. After three days of her eating nothing at all, I went to Petco and asked their guidance, and for something in a small bag, as we didn't know how long she would survive, and not wanting to buy an expensive bag. They recommended your trial bag of Ultra Original.  She ate it right away, and waits for it at meal time.  We like that it is balanced and doesn't have the additives many other foods have.  She has been eating it regularly for almost 2 weeks now and is thriving.  We still buy the small bags, and like that option. Thanks for a good product that works well for our senior puppy!  

Marian P


We tried different foods before we found this one. With the Dry Ultra Premium formula, his bowel movements are a lot better than before.


I have always had pets my whole life and we always fed them Purina brand until six months ago. I have a large, shepherd mix, with long white hair and she was shedding everywhere. In addition, she would itch all the time and we were told she was overweight. A friend of mine told me to get her off the grain and corn based foods and all will be fixed, so I tried your Ultra Premium dog food. The changes were amazing and so quick; we started noticing a difference within the first week. Now, six months later and the shedding is at a normal level, the itching has stopped, she has lost the weight, but there are even more great changes I didn’t expect. Her coat is softer and shinier, she is so much more active, there is less waste in the back yard, even her eyes seem to be brighter. We just recently adopted a 4 week old kitten, we started her on a mix of your canned food and have started adding the LID Green Pea & Chicken dry cat food, she absolutely loves it. Oh and by the way we free feed the dry food for both and my dog still lost the weight. I am completely impressed and appreciate your hard work. Thank You.

Robbi P

i am the owner of an adorable havanese doggie, one and half years old. when he came to me the breeder told me that some dogs are prone to tear staining. i was never happy with this problem and i refused to put anything into his food. a few months ago i switch to NATURAL BALANCE ORIGINAL ULTRA SMALL BREED BITES and the tearing and staining has cleared up. i am delighted with this result. my husband and i are very active seniors and this dog is having a blast with us... his name is WOOF and we love him very much. i can't thank you enough for this very fine food..

Pauline D

Hi there, I just want to send you a quick letter of THANKS! I have been using your dog food and treats for they past 3 years with my Staffordshire and french bulldog. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful I think your product is! In the past 5 months I have started to take in foster animals, mainly pit bulls in need of serious medical attention and training. I know that shelters run on donations and feed the animals whatever they can, but the minute I switch them over to Natural Balance Ultra within a week you can see a MAJOR difference in their tone, skin, hair and 'bathroom' issues. People think I am crazy because I am feeding expensive food to shelter animals but I have seen what it has done for our dogs and think these animals that have been exposed to worms, kennel filth and a constant change in food need it the most! I am also a salon owner and many of my clients know I am dog lover and ask me what I feed my pets or if they tell me they are having trouble with pet food I ALWAYS recommend your products and I have to say I love hearing how excited they are when they come back also RAVING about your product! My friend had issues with her cats allergies and felt awful because she couldn't afford the expensive RX food the vet recommended. I told her how NB had done wonders for our animals and after just a few weeks of switching to it herself the cats hair was growing back great and she didn't feel as bad for not being able to afford the rx. Our vet even RAVES about how great our dogs hair, skin, teeth and muscle tone look even if we free feed them! I can't thank you enough for making such a GREAT product. Animals mean the world to me and I feel good knowing I can give them something great in return. I will also continue to shout it from the roof tops and tell everyone I know how great your product is! Your customer for LIFE!

Tori S

My dog, Bella has been eating Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Dog Food since she was three months old. She is now six months and her coat is amazing! Many people ask me what I feed her because they are taken by the shimmery and silky soft texture of her coat. I let them know that Natural Balance is what I have been feeding her since she was three months old. They are quite impressed by this and say they are going to go out and get Natural Balance for their dog. I was wondering as Bella continues to grow and interact with many dogs and their owners whether at her obedience, agility and eventual flyball classes. The results of your product shine through her coat! [She's received a] number of compliments and intrigued interest in her diet as a result of her shiny coat.

Tracy T

You have literally saved our dog's life. We have spoken to one of your associates about Honey, a Shih-Tzu mix. She was diagnosed with a sensitive stomach when she was very young. She wouldn't eat, threw up often, had diarrhea, and her stomach made the most interesting noises you can imagine. Our vet and Honey were on a first name basis because she was there so often. They suggested everything from pills to tofu, rice, and prescription food. Honey would not eat, period. We finally tried cooked chicken, hamburger and egg, all of which she inhaled, and when we called the Vet, he wanted her to have dog food. During the middle of all of this frustration trying to find a suitable dog food, we obtained a sample of Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Dog Food. We offered it to Honey, thinking that she would do her usual act of turning up her nose and walking away, but she inhaled this food also! The Vet was quite happy. We buy your dry and canned foods as well. Honey is 11 years old now and still acts like a puppy! Our Vet is SO pleased with the way she looks that our visits are down to once per year instead of every few weeks. Our other dog, Shookie, an Australian Shepherd / Collie mix, is 9 years old. She also does very well on your foods. She's slim, active, and very, very happy. The quality of your food has played a significant part in the health and well-being of our animals, and we thank you very much for having come up with these formulas. For as long as G-d sees fit to allow us to have these wonderful animals, we will feed them Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance dog foods!

Gail&Richard F
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