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L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats® Biscuits Potato & Duck Formula Testimonials

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I just want to start off my saying your duck and potato dog food is a blessing. Our 9 year old Rottie has had skin allergies all her life. We started buying this dog food 7 years ago. This has calmed her allergies and lessen the trips to the vet. But we do have to buy it often due to her being a 95lb dog that eats a lot. :-) And Once again thanks for making a wonderful dog food. PS she loves the treats!

April W

The dogs were done playin, time to go home, my dog Autumn picks up her treat bag and starts to carry it home. None of the dogs wanted to go home!!! :-D Autumn is the only golden that knows to carry bags.....The blonde curly one is Sadie, and the red head Sophie. All came from Golden Bond Rescue. Sadie and Sophie belong to the photographer (I got his permission) Howard Templeton (and his wife Pat). Autumn belongs to me. Howard is basically Autumn's uncle! :-D At the time Autumn was 7 yrs, Sadie 6yrs, and Sophie 10yrs. Autumn and Sadie do agility together. We cal them the Golden Girls!

Hannah B

i would love to share with you and thank you for your product. we have 3 dogs, Riley a border collie mix, Peanut, a rat terrier beagle mix and Simon a"senior" jack russell terrier. i was referred to natural balance by a vet when riley kept getting paw and ear infections from allergies, it worked..we adopted Peanut from a shelter in virginia ( puppy mill alumae we think)and he has been such a love !.when he started having seizures it was heartbreaking! to hold him while he seized looking at his little confused expression tore me apart..! we went through a battery of very expensive tests that ruled out the terrible but to no avail he would have seizures on a monthly basis. we had been using the natural balance just for riley and giving another brand to Peanut ,when i thought "why not give it to him also"..i am not kidding after about a month my daughter said hey Peanut hasn't had any seizures lately !! i am amazed..the natural balance made a huge impact on his life(.and ours!!) with the occasional seizure ( usually related to him getting some "people food " he has been happy and healthy. as a single mom i know that it is an expense to feed the animals well but as i tell everybody i can.."its pay me know pay me later.".for if I cheap out or run out the paws and ears turn red and worst of all little Peanut has a seizure.. ive been rexclusive with natural balance now nd they are healthy and happy and i feel like a good responsible dog owner.. with coupons and rewards points i do get value and even now i do think they are more satisfied and less apt to get into poeople food with their natural balance diet.. thank you.. thank you!! i love this product an i love my dogs..there are so many so called all natural dog foods but honstly natural balance is the only brand you can totally trust with its limited ingridients. It is all i will feed in my house anymore !!! the senior dog is healthier ad leaner and my cats are sleek and I never hear never the sad sound of hair ball cough !!! i tell everybody i meet in the natural balance aisle my story and they often have a great story too..thank so much im a devoted customer

Claire H
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