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L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats® Biscuits Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Testimonials

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We rescued Sasha at one year old. She is no 6. The former owners were feeding her Iams, lamb and rice dry food. I noticed that her stools were very loose, and she would throw up on too regular a basis. I spoke with our Vet who recommended a sweet potato venison diet. We changed to Natural Balance and the cure was immediate.

Dino V

We'll never change foods again!

We rescued our 10 1/2 year golden retriever several months ago and imagined we'd have an easy time with an older dog. Instead, Brinkley started exhibiting gastrointestinal problems and chewing away at the fur on his paws. Our vet thought it might be anxiety, but on the off-chance it was an allergy, she suggested we switch to a limited ingredient dog food. We did our homework and started him on Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish dry dog food. We noticed a difference right away, so we picked up the Sweet Potato and Fish dog biscuits - and he loved them! His entire diet is Natural Balance and we're thrilled to say his gastrointestinal problems stopped and no more fur chewing. Thank you, Natural Balance! Your products made all the difference in the world for Brinkley - and us!

Mark a

American Bulldog

We are proud to introduce Americas Bulldog, Don Juan. We at Frontrunner Bulldogs Kennel have been using the L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Sweet Potato & Venison formula on all of our dogs and I have to admit we have beautiful bulldogs and the judges think so too. Don Juan is ranked number 1 in all breed points and breed points. I think it would be great if Natural Balance would use Don Juan to promote their products since that's all he eats.

Randall J

Here are our loving boys Patches and Coco! They were on a brand that I had thought was good for them, but really isn't. Packaging really isn't everything. We notice that they had itching (allergy problems) as well as bowel problems on the old food. Since we switched that took to Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish Formula very quickly! And they LOVE the Venison treats too! They had absolutely no switching problems at all. Thank you for caring for animals and for what they eat!

Barbara&Adam T
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