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Reduced Calorie Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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I have been feeding my Beagle Original Ultra Reduced Calorie Formula and he has lost eight pounds. Thank You!

Debi S

My 3yr old Bichon Frise, Sushi, suffered from a severe case of Pancreatitis in January of 2010. After 10 days of being in the hospital, she pulled through. Her Drs. insisted she must be on Iam's Reduced Calorie for the rest of her life because it is low in fat (6.5%-9.0%). 4 months later, on June 20th, 2010, I once again, rushed her to emergency, where she was diagonsed with a torn miniscis, torn cruceate and a luxating patella and schedule for emergency surgery on Tues 6/22/10. After a complete examination prior to Surgery, the surgeon re-diagnosised her with a Luxating Patella only. With that information, I decided to decline the surgery and Sushi & I were out of there. I examined the nutrients in her IAMS food and it is filled with wheat,corn and grain, which is detrimental to a dogs health. Sushi's bones & joints were weak, and her body was nutrient deprived. After much research & referrals, I changed her food to your reduced calorie Natural Balance by Dick Van Patten (only 6% fat) and is filled with real food and lower in fat than the IAMS. I sprinkle boiled hamburger and give her a steamed green bean at every meal. I have also added the supplement Dasuquin. Today is July 5th, 2010 and she is doing fantastic and stronger than ever. She is playing, walking perfectly and not depressed. Your product is fantastic and I'll forever be grateful.

Debra W

Our Dobermand, Roxie, is 12 years old with thyroid problems. Your Reduced Calorie Dog formula has worked wonders. She has a great coat and her weight is under control. We are so blessed to have her this long. We just wanted to thank you.

Martha B

I just wanted to comment on your product. We recently took our beagles off a diet of "Natural Choice" dog food and have bought two bags of the Original Ultra Reduced Calorie. That was over a two months back and our dogs have each shed roughly 5lbs. They both look better and seem to have more energy. They are also eating less and defecating less. We are extremely happy with the dog food. Unfortunately for us it is expensive considering what we normally pay. It is however very much worth it. I was wondering if you offer any manufactures coupons that could help offset some of the cost. After a few more bags of this low caloric food we hope to try the Synergy formula. Thanks for making a superior product.

Preston E
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