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Reduced Calorie Dry Cat Formula Testimonials

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I just had to write, because I believe so strongly in Natural Balance for all of our pets. We have an eight-month old Bichon Frise puppy, and four cats, ranging in age from three to eight years old. About a year ago, after hours of researching online, scrutinizing ingredients, and even speaking to a Natural Balance representative, we decided to switch the cats to Natural Balance. We were feeding them low-end foods at the time. We have a problem with one cat who vomits often, and she rarely vomits anymore since we switched to Natural Balance. Another of our cats is overweight, so we chose the Reduced Calorie. And I'm sure they don't feel like they are "missing" anything by feeding them that -- they love it (wet and dry). Of course, when we got the puppy, we put him on Natural Balance right away. He loves it, and he is very healthy. Thank you again for all of your hard work to put out this premium product, at an affordable price!

Renee K

We are the owners of 4 lovely cats. Chumba, Fluffy and Frankie live in our house and Buttercup is our barn cat. Our cats have been fed Purina Kitten or Cat Chow for 8 years. Recently we needed to take Chum to see the vet because of difficulty walking and increased sleeping. After a check-up, the vet said he was healthy, just too overweight. He recommended Hill Science Diet. Our cats refused to eat the Hill Science Diet and were waking us during the night by nipping at us! Distraught the cats were not eating the food that should have been "good" for them, and were waking us during the night, I asked my daughter what she fed her 3 cats. She steered us to the Reduced Calorie Natural Balance Cat Formula. Not only do our cats like the new cat food, they have all lost weight and seem less anxious and Chumba's fur has become sooo soft! We are going to continue with the Reduced Calorie formula for him and feed the others the regular formula. I can hardly wait to let our vet know how well he is doing and how "thin" he has become!! We are thrilled our cats seem satisfied, are losing weight and are not waking us in the middle of the night any longer!!

Rachel B
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