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Original Ultra® Dry Cat Formula Testimonials

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Im a big CAT now!

Levi is going to be 2 yrs old in June and he still enjoys his Natural Balance Ultra - I see it in his coat. We’d both like to thank you for making NB and not doing changes to formulas.

Robin G

Thank You

I want to thank you for your product. I took in a stray last November who used to be someone's pet (he is a neutered male). He started vomiting after one week. We did blood work to rule out disease. I tried five different brands of cat food, including an expensive one from the vet (Royal Canine Gastro Inestinal). I finally called the Doggie Drive Thru in Niles because I had heard of Maggie from other pet owners. We spent 30 minutes on the phone. Maggie told me anything with corn in it will make the animal vomit, and she suggested Natural Balance. I am thrilled to report that Clarence (named after the angel from It's a Wonderful Life) is no longer vomiting! Thank you for your dedication to providing healthy pet food! I am certainly telling everyone about Natural Balance.

Patricia K

Harley Cat's ONLY Food!

My fur-kid, Harley cat, was a 6 month old street rescue. For a rescue he is VERY picky (hates all people food, even tuna and cheese!). When I first was handed this bundle of fur I was given a bag of P***** "health ful" dry. Hmmm. I didn't like that corn and other "stuff". So went on the hunt for a food he'd eat and I'd be happier with. Natural Balance Original Ultra Dry ... he LOVES!! it, he has a beautiful coat, bright eyes, is happy and healthy. I'm now trying slowly to get him to eat some of your wet food, starting slow with the chicken, it's a battle but I think I'll win. And he'll win by having a long, healthy life! Thanks, Natural Balance. Please keep doing what you're doing. We and our fur-kids NEED a company we can rely on.

Wendy H

Our four legged friends

Our cats love this food and have such healthy coats and great vet checkups.

Josh G

Just wanted to give you another cat testimonial!  I received a free sample of your Ultra dry cat food outside my local pet food store.  My cat LOVED it even though he is 17 years old and has been on a wet food diet for the past 2+ years.  I bought a bag of it, and he sometimes prefers it over any canned food I put out for him.  Thank you so much!

Patricia M

Levi starting out right

Levi was born around the end of June 2012, he's 2 months old in the picture and has loved the Natural Balance stuff right off. I've used Natural Balance Ultra Premium Cat with other cats and kittens and ferrets in the past and still use it in my ferret's food mix today, but now i just have my 6 ferrets and Levi. Natural balance is a great brand, thanks for making a great food for dogs, cats, kitten, and ferrets.

Robin G

I have to tell you this cat food has changed our lives. My cat has had issues with chronic vomiting for the past 4 years. All of the vets we've seen have been unable to diagnose the problem without invasive surgery. The last 2 vets involved in the case recommended doing a biopsy via a scope inserted into his stomach. As I am sure you are aware, this procedure is over $1,000 and may prove nothing if the biopsy is normal. So prior to moving forward with the procedure, I decided to try something myself. The vets had been prescribing the Prescription ID diet for the past 4 years and it has not worked. So I thought, maybe it's the food. I tried the raw food diet - he wouldn't touch it - I couldn't blame him. Then came Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Cat Food. Cosmo, a beautiful white persian male has vomited only once in the last 4 months. This compares to daily vomiting on the other vet-prescribed brand.

Stephanie R

I want to let you know how grateful I am for discovering your wonderful pet food. My cat Phoebe has been suffering from everything from constipation to food allergies. Everytime I brought her to the vet they told me nothing was wrong with her then they prescribed antibiotics, prescription food and sent her home. The problems continued till I finally gave up taking her to the vet and I figured maybe the problems has to do with her age and there wasn't much I could do about it. I ran across Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Cat Food when I was checking out the new pet store that opened in my neighborhood. I decided to try it and take a chance. What a change! Her constipation stopped and she is using the box regularly again, she is active and wants to play, not to mention she eats like a horse. She reminds me of what she was like when I first got her. It's a miracle really. Thank you ever so much for all the time and care you put into your pet food. Your product has truly been a blessing in Phoebe's life and mine too. Keep up the great work.

Verna W

Over the past year, my 15 year Turkish Angora's coat began to look really bad. She had dandruff and her coat became oily and matted. She was shedding at an incredible rate, often leaving clumps of fur on the floor (not to mention what collected on her favorite perch on the back of the couch). Occasionally, she would eat her kibble only to vomit it back up. Not fun for either of us. I tried new combs and brushes to no avail, even BATHED her. Additives to her dry kibble only made her shun her food bowl. Pill her once daily? You've got to be kidding me! My only other choice was to switch her food to see if this coat issue was being caused by some kind of food allergy. After doing some research and reading alot of labels, I spoke with one of the knowledgeable staff at my local PETCO. She directed me to Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Cat Food. The switch to Natural Balance was far easier than I anticipated, with both my cats accepting it readily (in fact, picking it out of the bowl over the Nutro kibble). Now, a month later, what a difference! The dandruff is almost completely gone, her coat is shiny and soft, shedding is greatly reduced and the matting problem has not returned. She's once again her gorgeous self. Since being switched to Natural Balance, she has not vomited after eating at all! I don't know if it's because her coat feels so much better, or if this food is providing her so much more, or both but, she's playing alot and is actually "frisky". Pretty cool for a senior feline! I've also switched my 5 year old Birman and have noticed a fuller, softer coat and less shedding. Just wait till the vet sees us in a few months, he will definitely hear about Natural Balance. Kudos and many thanks to you for this fantastic food!

Deb R

I have a 17 year old female cat who I love dearly. Mo'w, as she is called, developed what is thought to be irritable bowel syndrome. Her stools were explosive, very loose and with a very foul odor. After 6 months duration and only intermttent days of normal stools I resorted to the internet and research. After two days, I learned more about her condition and dietary treatment choices. Luckily your Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Cat Food was available at an outlet close by. After only one month on this diet, my cat's stools are normal and without that foul odor. I believe with all my heart that I would have lost this loving pet had it not been for your product. Mo'w and I both thank you.

Ginny P
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