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Premium Dog Food Roll Turkey Formula Testimonials

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Thank you for making such amazing dog food. We have two beautiful boxer dogs. When we got them, we asked our good friends, who are boxer breeders, everything about boxers. They told us suggestions for trainers, what to do and what not to do. One thing they were very adamant about was the brand of dog food to give them. Natural Balance. We have given to them since we have had them, and love it. Their coat is shiny, they are healthy, they love the flavors. We buy your food rolls too which they love. Thanks again for your amazing product!

Misty W

From Rescues, Brody, Rosie and Peanut. They dress up for all holidays and help mom promote adoptions and donations to area shelters. Their mom volunteers at Wallingford (no kill) animal shelter, in town. As you can see, by the end of the sitting, they had WAY too much green beer...their hats and wigs were sliding off! They love Natural Balance food (their regular food we buy from Petco) and it helps them stay healthy. Only the best for our kids! Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!

Patti C
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