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Alpha® Chicken, Turkey Meal & Duck Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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your dog won't know she's eating so healthy!

My little wheaten mix Evie loves her nb alpha food, sometimes I even use a kibble or two as a treat! Her fur is glossy and soft, and she has so much energy. It's so good for a dogs skin and digestion to go grain free, and with natural balance alpha the transition will be seamless. :) thanks nb! My girl Alpha for life.

serena p

Healthy puppy

We have loved and used Natural Balance for several years now, and when we recently adopted a new puppy immediately started her on it as well. A four month old boxer puppy that weighed only 14 lbs (around half of what most of her peers weigh), we took her to the vet for her first puppy visit two days after adopting her. She had been eating the bottom of the barrel store brand food, and as she adjusted to Natural Balance, you could literally see the fat from her old diet exiting her body. Our vet okayed her new diet, and immediately she began putting on several pounds of healthy body weight a week. Her height and length doubled in about a month, and at her next puppy visit (three weeks after the first) she was catching up with where she should be in height and weight. Our little girl will probably always be on the small side due to the first four months of her life, but we are very impressed with how Natural Balance has allowed her to grow in a very healthy way. Being a puppy is hard work, and Natural Balance gives her everything she needs to burn energy during the day and grow, grow, grow while she sleeps.

Ashley E

We have fed Natural Balance food for many years, our dog Reggie who passed away at 13 years old a year ago was fed the Natural Balance Ultra Original. So when we decided to get another pup, we had no doubt as to what brand of food to buy. We did discover after awhile that Frankie was not doing very well on a food with grains, so we bought the Natural Balance Alpha, and immediatly we could see that this was the right food for Frankie. he looks so good, his fur is so glossy and his stool is perfect. We highly recommend any Natural Balance food, you just have to decide what type you want for your dog.

Linda H

Finally, the dog kibble I've been looking for-for a long time, searching the internet to no avail and coming to the conclusion that it isn't being made. A grain free, medium protein with the ingredients I wanted for my 2 small dogs, plus each bag a different protein meat. Your Alpha Dog Formula is exactly what I've been looking for. I applaud you Natural Balance for keeping in tune to your customer needs. Please keep up the good work.

Allan C
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