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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Green Pea & Duck Dry Cat Formula Testimonials

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I adopted my cat, Mae, in 2007. She is an all white cat and has always had ear infections. I was always told it was typical for white cats. She ended up getting an ear hematoma from stratching her ears. I ended up having to go to a new vet closer to my house and she suggested Natural Balance LID cat food. She believed she had a grain allergy. I went to the local store that sold it that day and haven't looked back! In eight years, I have never seen her ears so clean!!! She hardly ever scratches her ears anymore! I wish I would have found this product 8 years ago so she never had to deal with it!

Danielle K


We rescued a two year old Persian cat in Aug 2014. We were told that the previous owner was upset that "she went outside the litter box", and brought her back, extremely matted as well. That was after her original owner sold her on Craig's list, and she was extremely matted then as well. I felt as if something was not right, but I couldnt leave her in the shelter where the workers were trying to convince me "she just has an attitude", how would she ever be adopted with that as the sales pitch. So, we brought her home, and she started having issues with going outside of the litter box, but something was not right, you could tell there was a problem by the consistency, and the way she cried. Upon researching the symptoms, I thought she showed signs of IBS. I changed her food right away to another well known holistic brand, and she started to show signs of improvement, but she did not really like the food, so she was barely eating. I tried everything, and was just wasting my money, until I came across the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Duck & Pea formula, and the inside only wet cat pouches. My cat cleans the bowl of the wet food, and consistently enjoys the dry food too. We have not have any issues with her going outside of the box, her fur is growing in beautifully, and she seems to be much more content now. She obviously just needed a family who would give a little more effort into her well being, and I am so glad I didn't listen to the shelter people. Yes, its a little more expensive, but I haven't had to go to the vets office once, so it actually has saved me money! Will continue to buy as long as the product remains the same.

Andrea M

Winchester !!!!

My husband and I adopted a russian blue tuxedo cat. When we got him the shelter had him on Purina One he hated it he lost about 3 lb. in the few days he was at the shelter they told us but he is healthy they said he was probably upset being caged. So I took him to my vet he was checked out the vet gave him a clean bill of health. So I did some research on cat food I wanted him on a good cat food so we went with Blue Buffalo he started eating gaining weight he gained 5lb. in 2 months then he started having issues with runny poo and vomiting all the time .We went back to the vet they kept him for 24 hours to get the vomiting under control and fluids ran test everything came back good. The vet thought he had a virus, sent him home with meds. The vomiting and runny poo did not stop this went on for 1 week day and night . So I started doing more research on food and found all these horror stories about Blue Buffalo I was in freak out mode. So I googled food for vomiting and runny poo for cats and Natural Balance L.I.D came up Green Peas and Duck so clicked on it did some more research and decided to go get a bag. I started Winchester slowly on it and in a matter of 3 days his runny poo and vomiting stopped he has been on it for a month now he loves it and he is healthy and his coat is so shiny. He will be on the food forever. I told the vet what we did and he was very happy and so was my pocket book because the next step was testing for food allergies. So we think he has a food allergy to something that is not in this food. Buy this food if you have a kitty with issues he is such a happy kitty now the poor kitty was so sick for how for how long nobody knows. He was probably given to the shelter for that reason. He has a wonderful home now and is a HAPPY kitty.... Thank You Natural Balance !!!!

Kelly B

Happy Cat Mommy!

My husband and I switched to Natural Balance about six months ago for our two cats who are about a year apart. We have a 18 month old male Siamese (Titan) and we have a seven month old European Short-hair (Petra). When we first got Petra all she wanted to do was eat Titan's food. We were concerned so I asked a co-worker what we should do (My co-worker knows a lot about cats plus went through the same thing) she told us to go to Mud Bay and see what foods they had that could be for both of them. The clerk at Mud Bay gave us a few samples of different foods and Natural Balance Salmon and Green Peas. For some reason Titan after the second bag he didn't want the food so we switched to the Duck and Green Peas, needless to say they LOVE it just as much as we love giving it to them! We want to get a dog some day and we will definitely be giving it Natural Balance for dogs!

Shelby L

Thank you Natural Balance

I adopted a kitten from a shelter 4 months ago. He was a sick kitty, with what they thought was IBS. After getting him home, I found out that he did NOT have IBS. He has had a lot of testing done at the vet, but has stumped everyone. They have declared him a medical anomally. He has the smelliest, runny poo ever, and chronic colitis, but the normal treatment doesn't help. My vet recommended a diet change. After trying a few different types of foods, I decided to take the advice of a guy at Petco and try Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck. This is the only food that my cat can eat. Since being on this, he has not had runny poo or colitis! It's been determined that he has a chicken allergy. Thank you Natural Balance for making a chicken-free, grain-free food that makes me cat happy and healthy. Now, if it could figure out his other issues, that would really be a miracle!

Julie D

Who Would Have Thought a Chicken Allergy?

I adopted two brother cats from the shelter and one of them had a very raw belly from constant licking. The shelter said they had tried many things but to no avail. Starting at square one I started watching reactions after different brands of food. My vet suggested I try Natural Balance and make sure there was no chicken or chicken meal in the products. I've got the boys eating the Green Pea & Duck or the Salmon dry food as well as a quarter can of the Venison for breakfast and a quarter can of the Duck for dinner. The fur has grown back on his belly and no more licking! Wish I could find more sales or coupons for these products as they are not the cheapest, but they are the ONLY cat foods I can find with no chicken in them.

Lillian W


Just like many other happy customers - poor Phineas was having running/smelly stools. He was perfectly energetic and happy -- but could clear our little apartment with a trip to the litter box. I switched foods - tried limited/sensitive tummies..... some he would do better on, but was never really "normal". After a few rounds of tests to ensure Phineas wasn't having other issues - our vet prescribed a food for us to test if it was a food allergy. Sure enough - a few days after being on the food, Phineas had normal stools! Now the trick was to find a high quality 'normal' food that I could buy and not order from the vet, as the vet food was VERY pricy. After a quick internet search for low allergy foods - Natural Balanced L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Duck kept popping up over and over. I figured it was worth a shot. I slowly mixed in the Natural Balance with the prescribed food - and low and behold we are now fully on Green Pea & Duck and Phineas is still having normal stools!! HOORAY! The best thing is - our other cat Ferb loves it just as much as Phineas. THANK YOU!!!

Amanda N


I can't tell you how greatful I am for this cat food. My cat was suffering (and I was too) from diarrhea and vomiting for over a year. After trying countless types and brands of food and many trips to the vet I found Natural Balance and he is so much better. He loves the food and jumps up on me every morning to get to his food dish before my other kitty. He has regained the weight he lost and is so much happier as am I. And his sister enjoys the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Duck also. Thank you and don't ever stop making this food.

Sue G

After a year of itching, stitches, pills and cream, and many stints as a cone head, I eventually tried this food. My cat was allergic to everything the vet recommended trying! The owner of a local pet store recommended trying your food and now she has no more itching and redness and won't scratch herself to the point of stitches (on Thanksgiving long weekend, nonetheless - ahh emergency vet bill). Thank you Natural Balance!

Jennifer T

We adopted two sickly kittens at 8 weeks of age. They both had chronic runny eyes and nose, vomiting and diarrhea. After three failed foods we found LID Green Pea and Duck dry and wet food and the platefulls and our girls are healthy. No more diarrhea, no more runny noses and they are at such a healthy weight at 9 months now! This is a food we feel confident feeding to our cats and have even gotten my mother's hairball-prone cat on it! Thanks for saving us from massive vet-bills by providing a good-quality allergen-free food!

Kristin B
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