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Synergy Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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I cannot tell you or stress enough how much this dog food has improved both my puppies life and mine. I got Harley (Pit Bull) at eight weeks and from the second I got her she had tummy problems. I honestly don't remember a day I didn't go without VERY loose stool or diarrhea until finding NB Synergy at five months old. (I also joke daily about the fact I've never talked about feces so much in my life- I feel like I have become a poster child for Natural Balance Synergy at the dog park we frequent!) After numerous vet visits (with inconclusive findings) and over 8 different high quality dog foods (including prescription) I felt defeated and wondered if my poor little girl would ever know what being normal felt like. It was heartbreaking to see her have an accident in the house because I knew she couldn't help it- her stomach is that sensitive. I went to a local pet shop and began explaining my situation to the owner. She immediately pointed me to synergy and explained why this food was different than other high quality goods (the main thing being the ingredients are all easily digestible and simple). I warily bought a small bag and took it home not the slightest bit hopeful. And then came the Magic. With in TWO DAYS her stools were completely normal. I almost didn't believe it. We are now almost 7 months into using Synergy with normal stool and a MUCH happier and comfortable pup. We also just rescued a Bull Terrier who also had a sensitive stomach. A week on Synergy and that problem too is gone. We are SO thankful for this product!

Meredith K

A miracle food!!!!

Our little SuSu came to us as a rescue with stomach issues from the get go. She did fine on other foods, but was very picky. After she was spayed the surgery aggravated her sensitive stomach and made her not able to digest the food she ate before. She suffered loose stool and weight loss. We tried several brands until I finally came across a doggie forum that had a member recommending Synergy. I went to Petco and asked what they would recommend for sensitive stomach as well and the manager immediately said Synergy. Within 2 days of starting on this mixed with her new diet of chicken and rice she had perfect stools, better than before she was spayed even :)! She is now on just the Synergy and doing great! No more stomach issues and has gained her weight back! I am so thankful for this company and this product!


Love this food!

Our 2 year old mini goldendoodle Fiona has a sensitive stomach and consistently loose stools. I've tried many of the high end, holistic dry foods, and nothing seemed to help. I was at Petco one day and your rep gave me some samples, including Synergy, and recommended this food for improving stool quality. Well, I'm happy to say we are on our second bag. Not only does Fiona love Synergy, we are reaping the benefits in the backyard as well. This stuff works! Thanks Natural Balance.

Nancy S

I Just Can't Wait!

Our lab is 12 years old and has a sensitive stomach, so her eating pattern is irregular sometimes. We were worried about her getting enough nutrition, so we tried Synergy. It has worked so well that her weight has come up, her coat is shiny, and her eyes are bright. Thanks!

Carole M

Our 2 Boston Terriers had frequent gas and often creamy stools. After the local pet food store recommended this product we have seen a dramatic increase in the quality of their stool and a reduction in gas. As a result of this our dogs also seem to appreciate it and race to their food bowls when dinner is being served. We would definitely recommend this brand to any of our fellow dog owners.

Chase G

timing is everything

My little rescue dog probably never got house trained properly. And apartment living requires some consistency and regularity with walk and poop times. I found Synergy to be a real help. It enabled me to feed and walk at regular intervals. Because with 3 small feedings a day, he immediately eats what I put out for him, and then I know that 2 hours later we'll have a productive walk. Synergy provides regularity that we weren't able to achieve with the previous two kinds we tried. So, thanks from both of us.

Max G

Our little Madeleine (basset hound) had quite a few gastrointestinal problems a few weeks after we brought her home when she was 9 weeks old. This was compounded by her bladder problems, she had a bladder infection and was on medications for that; on ultrasound, the vet found that she has ectopic ureter which has to be operated on later. After we brought her home we were feeding her the same food the breeder had been giving her, a top quality food. When her stool started being loose and then she had diarrhea, we found out from the vet that she did have a parasite, but once that was taken care of with meds from the vet she continued to have constant loose stool and diarrhea. I ended up going to the vet again (Madeleine and I were at the vet a lot). The vet found nothing in her stool and gave me probiotic powder to put in her food. This helped a little but her stool was still very loose. Then the vet said I could give her stool-hardening medication again (that she had previously taken when she had the parasite). She had been taking so much medication for such a little girl that I was hoping to not have to give her any more pills. So before I gave her the stool-hardening medication I decided to try a different food. Cindy at Global Pet Foods recommended Synergy from Natural Balance. So I tried it. Madeleine's stool got better within a week. I never gave her medication from the vet. The vet let me return it for a refund; he was happy that the new food had worked. Now I have also switched our 4-year-old basset hound (Flash) to Synergy as he's been known to have loose stool. My two older dogs I have switched to Natural Balance Ultra.

Heather O

No more tummy troubles

After telling a co-worker of mine about the tummy troubles that my dog had, she recommended Synergy dog food for my long-haired Dachshund, Fitzgerald. He used to vomit about once every couple of weeks. Such a sensitive tummy my boy has. Well, I have to say, this is THE best dog food ever! Since being on Synergy (2 months now), he's not had any vomitting episodes. Not a one! His stools are solid yet softer than before and his coat is looking shinier too. He gets so excited when it's time to eat breakfast and dinner. He loves this food. Fitzgerald is a bit on the chubbier side for a Dachshund and I've noticed his weight slowly starting to go down a bit which is great news. Thank you for making a food that my dog benefits from for his health and well-being!

Sher B

"Here is my ""Synergy"" success story. Last October I was fortunate to foster Carlos for Fast Friends. The rescue group gave me a large bag of food to feed him while I fostered him. After his first meal, I noticed the food did not agree with Carlos. My greyhounds are on Synergy, so I got rid of the rescue group's food and put Carlos on Synergy as well. Recently, Carlos was adopted by a family with six other greyhounds. A week later, I got a call from his new owner. She was at the pet food store and wanted to know exactly which food to buy for Carlos. She told me that she wanted to keep his beautiful shinny coat. She purchased three large bags. Later, this photo was posted on Facebook. You can see Carlos eating a snack with his new pack, shinning like a star. There were comments posted, ""Can't get over how shiny Carlos is!!"" Can you guess who eats Synergy? "


Please make a synergy for cats!! I have a 12 year old dog with chronic problems keeping weight on and stool quality. About a year ago I started on the synergy and all the problems are in the past now. He and my other dog love the stuff and are doing wonderfully. Since then, I adopted two kittens. Just my luck, one of those babies also has tummy troubles. We have a standing order of metronidazole from the vet to combat extreme diarrhea and bloody stools. The kittens switched on to alpha at around 6 months and that has helped for the most part. Consistently we are seeing solid stools, but diarrhea still acts up sometimes. Strangely enough, the cat learned that the dog synergy helps his tummy. Whenever he is having a flare, he runs up to the dog bowl and snatches up some synergy and problem solved. I have stopped trying to limit his access to the dog food and now the diarrhea seems to be gone for good!

Jessica N
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