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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Rabbit & Brown Rice Canned Dog Formula Testimonials

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I can't thank you enough for your line of Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet dog food. My dog Doc has been suffering from progressively worsening allergies for years. He developed terrible staff infections that we constantly had to treat, and was frequently spooked because he was losing his hearing. (I never knew, but our vet dermatologist stated hearing loss due to allergies is not common.) He was so miserable and seemed to be aging before my eyes. I truly thought he was in his last months. The vet suggested their in-stock line of limited ingredient food, but it was well outside my price range. Fortunately, the local pet store staff introduced me to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet food. Doc's a picky eater but there are several flavors to choose from. It's been a month and his skin and coat are dramatically improving. His ear canals shed lots of debris over a few weeks, apparently clearing his ear canal tons better than could be done mechanically, and his hearing is coming back!! He gets excited again when he hears the garage door go up or the treat jar rattle. It's really incredible. I'm so happy for him to hear things and wag his tail in response again. He acts like he's 5 again (and he's almost 14)! Can't thank you enough for this wonderful (and affordable) product. It has completely changed his quality of life, absolutely for the better.

Teri R
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