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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Legume & Duck Meal Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Great product! Thank you! After paying thousands to help my boxer deliver her first and last litter of 9 puppies, myself and my kids took turns feeding, cleaning and pooping new puppies. Sergio was always special, not as active and always hungry but couldn't keep down his milk while his brothers and sisters grew. He remained small. He looked sad but determind. I gave him a lot of attention always worried his ailments could take him away at any day. Vets diagnosed common parasite as a possible cause and treated, but nothing worked. Finally, after seeing three vets and spending hundreds, decided he must have a sensitive stomach and an intolerance of many ingredients in common dog food. I put him on a raw food diet as advised by an online vet. He did well, gained weight and kept food down with normal bowel movements. But I could not afford and time right the acquiring of good raw meat and vegetables to feed him daily. After connecting and blogging with owners who had similar problems, I learned about allergies and limited ingredient diets. I visited Pet Supplies Plus where Aaron referred me to Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredients Diets Legume & Duck Meal. He did great for a month. So, I tried to intergrate other LID formulas. But, he began to regress, so back onto L.I.D. Limited Ingredients Diets Legume & Duck Meal now four months later; his fur is soft he looks great! Healthy weight and good bowel movements. Now he is happier and more playful. Great food saved my baby, my dog, my Sergio!

Daya E

I just want to thank you for having such a great product. I adopted a 4 year old Schipperke about 3 years ago. He suffered seizures about 4 -5 per year for the first 2 years. After blood tests showed no physical reason for seizures my vet told me to try a Grain FREE dog food diet. I tried other products and found your Limited Ingredient grain free product to be the most digestible and his favorite food. He has not had another seizure since I added your food to his diet. Thank you for such a great product and for improving my dogs health tremendously.

Patricia M
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