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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Small Breed Bites® Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Oh my goodness! Thank you! No more loose stool.

Just wanted to take the time to say "thank you" for making such a wonderful healthy dog food. I adopted from our dog pound a wonderful older chocolate Chihuahua "Henry". Poor little guy had a rough life, his tummy suffered. He had irritable bowel from day one, took him out six times in one night. For 9 months, spent trying everything. Then one day PetsPlus pet store recommended trying the "Sweet Potato & Fish for small breeds". From day 2 his life has been better, such a happy, healthy dog now. He's not in pain from going so much, solid stools. He also gets a couple spoons of pure pumpkin in and loves it. Also, he gets treats in same brand which he never got before. Thank you from the both of us for making this wonderful dog food. Both my Chi's love it & I get a full nite sleep now. God Bless... :-)

ShayMarie T

No More Emergency Vet Visits

Our rescue, Nemo, had recurring ear infections and stomach issues that resulted several emergency vet visits. We were using another name brand food for sensitive stomachs, but he was still having stomach issues. We tried the Natural Balance line, starting with the meat varieties. Not only does Nemo have an allergy to grain/wheat, but he can't digest certain meats. At the advice of the pet store clerk, we tried the Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato dry food. No more stomach upset and no more itchy ears! We even add a dollop of the canned Duck & Potato to his dry food as a treat (since he can't have most dog treats). His dry skin has been alleviated, but best of all, no more vet emergency vet visits!

Stefanie V

No more red tears!

My Maltese/Poodle was constantly chewing at his paw, he had red teary eyes, red around his mouth. He would get ear infections every couple months. He looked miserable! Plus to me he wasn't that attractive looking. Went to my Vet at the time and tried their hypoallergenic food, it did nothing for him. Vet said the next step would to be to medicate him daily. I decided to try a new Vet and I was amazed when he recommended Natural Balance L.I.D Sweet Potato & Fish dog food and treats. My dog loved it. After a month I notice that his tears were clearing up, not chewing his paw so much and the red around his mouth was fading. Its been over a year now since giving my dog Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets and his food allergies have been solved! I must say he is one cute dog now! Thank Natural Balance!

Megan J

Soft stool cured

My 7 year old Pomeranian suffered for years with soft stool. I originally thought there was no cure. We would have to wipe after every time she went #2. After bringing her to the vet and doing some of my own research, I decided it give the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish a try. It's been over 2 months and her stool has hardened and no more wiping. I'm very happy with this outcome.

Sherie B


Dear Natural Balance, I'm a first time puppy owner of a Shih-Tzu female, great companionship, she is 5 months and I must say she loves Natural Balance. My boyfriend gave her to me in late December 2012 for my birthday and she was the best gift ever. We tried to give her a different brand, but after doing some research to see what would be the best brand to feed her, we chose Natural Balance Small Breed Bites. :) She loves them and never has had a problem with your brand. We are happy to have chosen Natural Balance. We have tried all your formulas and her favorite is L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Small Breed Bites and L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Small Breed Bites. We also mix it with your can formula and she sure enjoys it, and has never had issues with her tummy. At some point we thought maybe she would get an upset stomach considering we would have her try a new flavor every time she ran out but not at all. We are content and will keep her on Natural Balance. Thank you for being the perfect match for Layla and her tummy:) Thank You, Elisa Z.


Dear Natural Balance, I wanted to say that you made one great formula for puppies. I have a 4 month old Shh Tu named Buddy that we recently got and we were at out wits end everything was fine at first when we brought the puppy home, but after a week we started to see him vomiting bile and food at night. We were going to make a vet appointment but decided to change the food instead to see if it could be a food allergy. I went to your website and read your testimonials and read one on a shh Tu and I said to myself it can't hurt to try and as well I told my husband give me a week to wean him of the old food to NB and I noticed results in 3 days he stopped vomiting and went from sleeping all the time to being a happy exploring puppy. Now that we have been on the food for about 3 weeks I even notice his coat a lot healthier softer and growing in beautifully. My sister just got a puppy and I recommended her to put her maltipoo on NB and even her puppy is doing good you definitely do make a great product. Thanks for saving me from having to re-home the dog cause that was what my husband wanted to do because of all the vomiting and you saved me a big vet bill I'm very great full.

Sandy A
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