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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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My dog had been having skin issues, her skin was red and covered in bumps. She went through 2 different antibiotics, prescription antihistamines, and twice weekly medicated baths. Nothing helped. After ruling out everything else, her doctor said she probably had a food allergy I had switched her food to Purina One sensitive systems, and also blue buffalo fish and sweet potato, all of which to my surprise still contained animal fat or chicken fat. As a last ditch effort to get to the bottom of Dixie's skin issue i finally switch to Natural Balance L.I.D Sweet potato and fish dry food; it has been one week since switching and already her skin has improved. Her skin is no longer red, the bumps are smaller and fewer. This has been the best food for my dogs yet. It is a little pricey but so worth it, and the coupons on Facebook are big help too. I would definitely recommend this food to anyone who has a food allergy dog or anyone looking for a great dog food.

Lauren M

Well-being Restored!

My toy poodle, Ireina, seems to have developed various food allergies. We have tried every natural dog food kibble as well as canned meals. When we switched to canned I hoped her body could respond positively. However, not so. Despite the fact that the food was moist her excrement became hard, dry, ashen. The feces looked more like a fire had burned the food and left only the dry ash residue. Plus, it smelled! In addition her whole body seemed to have been acidified. For instance her breath smelled sulphuric, the tissue around her lips became discolored, and her eyes secreted thick dark mucus. In a local Petco store I noticed your Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish. I hadn't seen it before because not all stores carry it. I purchased a small bag of the kibble for small breeds. And hoped... My hopes were amply fulfilled! In just 3 servings all the signs of dietary distress were gone! Her eyes no longer secrete thick, dark mucus. The tissue around her lips is no longer red and inflamed. Her feces are round, moist, odor-free. In addition, she has 6 teeth, the others had to be extracted due to lack of dental care before she came to me. This means that the kibble must be moistened before serving. None--not one of the many brands we tried--could be softened in water, whether hot or cold. Also they were triangular in shape. All this means that every mouthful had sharp points which caused damage and pain to the gum tissue in her mouth. If they couldn't become moist after soaking for an hour in hot water how in the world could her stomach begin the digestion process on them? Obviously, viz-a-viz her condition, they were not being digested and absorbed. Ireina is a registered Service Therapy Dog and has joyfully returned to therapy service again now that her balance and wellbeing have been restored! Her many clients are so grateful for her presence with them and for her wellness! Thank you so much for this superlative product! Obviously much thought, care, and preparation went into its development. Wellbeing restored Gratefully, Carolyn & Ireina (Ireina means Queen of Peace)

Carolyn E


We rescued Zappa when he was 1yr. old. He was allergic to everything, was only 20lbs., and had pink skin and little hair. We tried several different holistic dog foods but nothing worked. When we tried the L.I.D Sweet Potato and Fish he went up to 40lbs. no more pink and grew tons of hair. It is the only food that agrees with him.

Carol B

All other foods almost killed our dog, then we found L.I.D!

My two year old German Shepherd began having extreme breathing problems. After several visits to the Vet, and confirmed xrays of bronchitis, the Vets weren't sure of what was wrong with him. Numerous steroids and antibiotics did not rid him of his rapid breathing. I began reading on forums that GSD's are known to have many food allergies. Several people recommended Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets, and monitor his reactions. After trying several of the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets dry foods, our GSD's health has improved and he's back to normal! We found that he is allergic to any poultry, as well as several preservatives that are found in almost every other brand of dog food except for the Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets. Now it's all we feed him. He is healthy, active, and his coat is gorgeous!


No Ear or Skin Problems

After having cocker spaniels for the past 20 yrs and having ear infections and skin problems and nothing worked and so many visits to the vet and many many $$$$ spent. We adopted our boy, Owen (cocker spaniel)from a local rescue group and they had him on the L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish formula, we kept him on it. Hubby said something about the cost but I said if it keeps his ears and skin good and me out of the vet, I was willing to pay the 4 yrs we have had him he has never had an ear infection or skin problem, we just adopted our second cocker and his ears were nasty when we got him but we switched his food to Natural Balance and now his ears are great. Keep up the great work.

michelle r

Our Newfoundlands LOVE this!

Several years ago, we discovered that one of our Newfoundland dogs had allergies to many foods. She was a very picky eater. We finally got samples of several different brands/types of food, and put them all out in bowls on the floor, to let her choose. She by-passed the other bowls, and dove into the one containing the Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish! We started feeding this to all three of our Newfs, and they love it. *Unfortunately, the allergic newf also had a severe heart defect, and has passed away, but our remaining Newfoundlands are still enjoying this food.

Laurel T


Our 7 year old mixed breed dog started throwing up her food. Tried all kinds of things. Spent a couple thousand dollars at the vet. Finally, I tried the Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish dry food as it had no grains in it. After a week of weaning her onto this food she quit throwing up, gained her weight back and is heappy, healthy and has a beautiful coat too.

James M

Best Product On The Market

I just wanted to say thanks to Natural Balance. I have a yorkie with severe allergies, and while at Petco one day, a lady I was chatting with told me her dog had allergies and this kind of food did wonders, and she was completely correct. My yorkie went from having hot spots everywhere, and being generally miserable, to having a hot spot maybe one every couple of months. It is very refreshing. Due to her success we switched my Labarador/Great Dane mix, who has always had GI issues and some pretty bad gas, over to the Sweet Potato & Fish. Since we started him on this food he never throws up and his gas has gotten much better! Recently we adopted a pit bull from and he came to us with allergies, constantly stratching, since he's been on this food, he is much more comfortable. It seems very expensive but we feed both my dogs, 70 and 60 lbs dogs, only 4 cups a day and they are maintaining a very healthy weight, so the bag lasts quite a while. I very much appreciate that one lady who I just happened to meet at Petco, that has greatly improved the life of all my pets by recommending this food.

Suzanne A


Gordon is a Golden Retriever. We got him out of our Local SPCA. He was 4 yrs at the time. He had ear problems. We had to have him operated on, Gordon no longer has ears and ear canals. We had him allergy tested. This food is the only kind he can have. Now that you are making a few other kinds like the Sweet Potato & Bison and besides the Sweet Potato & Fish. Thank you for being there and helping dogs like mine.

Sandy Z

Quality on entrance and exit

I don't have an amazing story of how this food saved my dog's life or cured years of ailments, but I still love it. What I did notice was she enjoys eating it, and it doesn't disappoint on exit either. Even among other high end brands, the Sweet Potato and Fish Limited Ingredient food is the only one to keep her regular and consistent. I encourage people to try not just different brands, but different flavors within your preferred brand. It's a great thing when you find that perfect fit for your dog.

Mike C
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