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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Our German Shorthaired Pointed Amber had an event at age 2 years after which she started to have bloody diarrhea. After 18 months of frustration the vet got allergy testing. No corn, chicken, lamb, barley. Not sure we believed it. Tried PD foods egg/rice and still had periodic problems. After literally years of frustrating problems we decided to look for other foods. Ran across your foods by chance and voila. She now eats Fish and Sweet Potato and has never been better. No problems for 9 months. Hopefully you can continue making these unique treats and foods. Thanks so much.

Bob W

This dog food is the best! Thank you, I have a lab puppy with a very sensitive stomach. I was miserable cleaning up after a housebroken pup and his stomach was just as upset. Two days after switching to the food he stopped scratching and the bowels are all better! Thanks

Cassie S

Brinkley and Rex Lemmons are our Golden Retrievers and they LOVE your food! I'm not sure which flavor they like the most. I do know they know those bags are for them and when I come in I get a bath because they start slobbering like crazy!

Peggy L
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