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L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Sweet Potato & Fish Dry Dog Formula Testimonials

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Hi, I just sooooo wanted to compliment your company on your food. My dog Bridgett (french bulldog/boston terrier) had such severe food allergies that it was super serious. She was being monitored at the vet for everything as she would have constant vomiting within mins. of eating and uncontrollable diarrhea. we tried multiple foods that the vet recommended with not very good results, they did try a fish & potato but it was another brand & although she stopped throwing up & having the runs, she bagan licking her feet & being itchy~ after much trial & tribulation had your sweet potato and fish come recommenede to me...It's been the best thing ever for Bridgett~ She only rarely vomits after eating & that is purely due to the fact that she swallows alot of air with that flat face & burps alot after eating & rarely some food will come up.She has totally regular stools and only goes 2x's aday she I know she is absorbing more nutrients & getting the most out of her food. I am MOST happy that you have treats with this too, as my poor baby can't have any treats unless we risk tummy issues.(she has an obsession with string cheese & popcorn ) we are still cautious with her and It has been a wonderful experience on your food:)

Michele E

At the suggestion of a friend, I changed my dog's food to NB limited ingredients dry food. Zeus suffered from allergies with red eyes, a runny nose and constantly scratching his face, sometimes to the point of making it bleed. Within a few weeks of changing his food I noticed a huge improvement! He no longer has any signs of allergies and his fur is incredibly soft and shiny. Best of all, he loves the fish and sweet potato dry food. It has made a huge difference in his overall health. M's Star Zeus is now a registered therapy dog that works in a local pediatric nursing home. He was also honored this year by GREY2KUSA as Mr. September in their 2010 calendar featuring rescued/retired greyhounds. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

Patricia A

I am involved with a pug rescue Central Florida Pug Rescue We reccommend that anyone who adopts from us use Natural Balance fish and sweet potato as to the best food they can feed their pugs.Pugs have alot of skin issues and this food keeps their skin in excellent condition. I personally use all Natural Balance products from treats to food. I want to thank you for developing such high quality food for our pugs. As a rescue the pugs come first. It is amazing the number of pugs that come into the rescue. thank you

Ann R

Our German Shorthaired Pointed Amber had an event at age 2 years after which she started to have bloody diarrhea. After 18 months of frustration the vet got allergy testing. No corn, chicken, lamb, barley. Not sure we believed it. Tried PD foods egg/rice and still had periodic problems. After literally years of frustrating problems we decided to look for other foods. Ran across your foods by chance and voila. She now eats Fish and Sweet Potato and has never been better. No problems for 9 months. Hopefully you can continue making these unique treats and foods. Thanks so much.

Bob W

This dog food is the best! Thank you, I have a lab puppy with a very sensitive stomach. I was miserable cleaning up after a housebroken pup and his stomach was just as upset. Two days after switching to the food he stopped scratching and the bowels are all better! Thanks

Cassie S

Brinkley and Rex Lemmons are our Golden Retrievers and they LOVE your food! I'm not sure which flavor they like the most. I do know they know those bags are for them and when I come in I get a bath because they start slobbering like crazy!

Peggy L
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