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Original Ultra® Dry Cat Formula Testimonials

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I am writing to thank you for making Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Cat Food! I have a 9 year old Persian mix cat who was in serious danger before I heard of your product. My cat, Jazz, was losing his hair and itching all day and night. I was told constantly by the Vet that he had a flea allergy and should begin taking a steroid. I was not comfortable with that diagnosis because aside from the itching my cat is still very active, alert, and as playful as he was when he was a kitten. I called "Natural For Animals" here in St. Petersburg Florida and they recommended your cat food to me. I was able to learn all about the food I had been giving my pet for the past nine years and exactly what "byproducts" really go into those commercial brand cat foods and I was appalled! I have also learned what those byproducts can do to the vital organs of our pets. My cat absolutely loves the taste of this cat food. He seems to really be feeling better and although it will take a little time to cleanse his body of all the harm and toxins he's been put through for the past nine years... at least it's not too late. Keep up the excellent work and thank you very much!


I just wanted to give you folks an "attaboy!". We have a 18 yr. old cat that we had been feeding Science Diet Senior Hairball Formula and she began to go downhill fast. She became emaciated even though her appetite remained good and was too weak to jump into her favorite chair. She was constipated most of the time and her elimination was very poor. We went to a animal health store that had a display of your food there. The lady handing out information suggested we try Natural Balance® Ultra Premium Cat Food. We have been feeding her your food for about 6 and the change is amazing, she's regained the weight she had lost, her coat is shiny, her elimination is very good and has no hairball problems. She plays with her toys again and goes up and down stairs several times a day. This diet has literally taken years off her. I told my wife I was going to start having a bowl for breakfast myself. It's good to find a product that is better than advertised.

Larry S

Our cat Peebles has severe allergies, we believe both inhalant and food. No vet was able to truly pinpont the cause. Air purifiers have helped for inhalant but I decided that changing the quality of food would probably help as well. The vet tried antihistamines, etc. but the only option that worked was prednisone. I did not want to accept medication as the cure, so I decided to complete some research myself. I felt that giving her your product might help her condition. I feed the Ultra formula(which she loves)because she will not eat the Dry Allergy formula. Her coat has now dramatically improved, shiny with less dry, flaky skin. In addition, the itching around her face and ears has improved. She has only been on the food for about one month and we have been able to reduce the prednisone from weekly to once this month. We rescued Peebles and she has such scar tissue in her ears, it is finally healing. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product. I would recommend this to anyone who is experiencing feline allergy symptoms. Thanks to you, we have extended our pets life by reducing the use of dangerous medications. I intend to substitute her veterinary canned food with New Balance because I believe this would also help her condition as well. Thank you again for your wonderful product!!!!! I believe in time we will be able to eliminate her symptoms without the use of any medication.

Lynette M

Pictured is BooBoo from Richmond, Va. We love you guys around here. I've fed it to him since I found him when he was 4 weeks old. Thanks Natural Balance family!

Megan R
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