I would recommend this product to anyone with a kitty with a sensitive stomach, IBS, or food allergies. I had tried every prescription diet on the market and been to several vets. Short of expensive, exploratory surgery, I had exhausted every option to try and make my cat healthy. This product gave my cat solid stool for the first time in his life, from the first time I fed it to him. I cannot rave about this product enough! It changed my cat's life.
Amber C
Our 3 Schnauzers LOVE these treats. I originally bought them for our puppy since treats for puppies are hard to find. Our other two adult pups wouldn't eat their treats anymore, they preferred the Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken Treats. Our one pup is diabetic and I really have to be careful with what I feed him. I highly recommend these treats for your pups, young and old !
Shireen H
My 15 year old Lowchen was struggling with the stairs and not very active. I decided to switch her food and I can't believe the difference. She is back to bounding up the stairs and has her bounce back. Thank you so much. I'm confident this food is adding both time and enjoyment to her life.
Cathy T