We believe We believe in

Premium Quality Ingredients

We dedicate ourselves to making sure your pet gets the very best nutrition. So we craft each of our formulas with quality ingredients, including fruits, vegetables and premium animal proteins.

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I believe in Natural Balance because I want my dog to have a happy and healthy lifestyle, and we want her around with us for a long time in our family.

Chantel, Natural Balance Customer

Here’s the good you’ll find in our food

We pick only the tastiest and most nutritious ingredients to formulate our food and treats. Browse some of the ingredients we use and see how they can benefit your pet.

Here’s what you’ll
NEVER find in our food

Just as important as the ingredients we choose to put in our dog and cat food are the ingredients we choose to leave out.

  • Artificial flavors

    The flavors in our formulas are the best kind—from nature.

  • Chemical preservatives

    We ONLY use natural preservatives in our finished products and ingredients, such as oils and fish products.

  • Soy, Wheat & Corn

    We never use any of these ingredients, which can cause food sensitivities for dogs and cats.

  • By-Product Meals

    We never use chicken (or poultry) by-product meals.

  • Refined Grains

    For pets that may have sensitivities to grains, we offer many grain free food and treat options.