Limited Ingredients.
Unlimited Dog.

New L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® High Protein formulas

Introducing the first ever high-protein L.I.D. product. It’s everything you love about L.I.D. but now packed with more muscle supporting protein than ever before.

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These formulas include:
  • 1 Animal Protein Source
  • 2 Primary Carbohydrate Sources
  • Real Meat or Poultry as the #1 Ingredient

Keeping Pets Happy and Healthy

While you may know L.I.D. products are great choices for pets with food sensitivities, because it limits the number of ingredients they're exposed to, the truth is there there are many more benefits of an L.I.D. diet. Here are a few of the benefits L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® High Protein formulas can help support.

Healthy Digestion

Limited Ingredient High Protein Diet with balanced fiber to help support healthy digestion.

Sustained Energy

High protein content designed to help support your dog's healthy muscles and high energy needs.

Healthy Skin

This formula helps supports a healthy coat and skin so your dog looks and feels great.

A Pioneering Brand with 16 Years of History in L.I.D.

Ever since we started in 2001 we've strived to push the boundaries of what limited ingredient formulas are capable of. It's this pursuit and our desire to help improve pets' health and well being that led to our new Llimited Ingredient Diets® High Protein formula. We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it.

Our Formulas

We have an expanding line of L.I.D. products to help satisfy your dog's unique nutrition needs. Take a look at our products to see which is the best fit for your dog.

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